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KOI Fish sales 

"Explore Our Koi Sales Section: Temporary Partnership with Clear Water Koi for Your Convenience

Highland Koi Ltd is diligently working on establishing the infrastructure for online and collection-based Koi sales. During this preparation phase, we've collaborated with Clear Water Koi, a trusted partner who currently offers Koi for sale with delivery options to Scotland.

If you reside in the northern reaches of the Highlands, we welcome you to consider arranging for the hand delivery of your chosen Koi to Highland Koi's location in Arrochar, provided by Clear Water Koi. This ensures that your Koi have been quarantined and heat-ramped, guaranteeing their health and readiness for your pond.

To view available stock and make your selection, please click on the link below, which will redirect you to Clear Water Koi's website."

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