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The Koi Surgical Kit offered by Highland Koi Ltd is a comprehensive solution designed to meet all your requirements when performing minor surgical procedures on your beloved koi fish.

Included in the Koi Surgical Kit are essential tools, carefully selected to ensure precision and effectiveness:

1. Tweezers: These fine-tipped tweezers allow for delicate handling and precise maneuvering during procedures.

2. Scalpel blades: The kit includes a set of sharp, sterile scalpel blades, ensuring clean and accurate incisions.

3. Scalpel Handle: A high-quality handle is provided, offering a comfortable grip and facilitating smooth blade attachment.

4. Radius Scissors: These specialized scissors are specifically designed for intricate cutting, making them ideal for delicate surgical procedures.

5. Single Inspection Probe: A single-ended probe is included, enabling thorough examination and precise probing when necessary.

6. Cotton Buds: These sterile cotton buds are essential for wound care and maintaining cleanliness during procedures.

7. Clamping Scissors: The Koi Surgical Kit now also includes two clamping scissors. These scissors are designed for secure clamping, providing the necessary control and precision during surgical procedures.

The Koi Surgical Kit is thoughtfully packaged in a convenient and durable zipped case. This ensures easy transportation, storage, and organization of the instruments, allowing you to have everything you need at your fingertips when attending to minor surgical procedures for your koi.

Trust in the Highland Koi Ltd Koi Surgical Kit to provide you with the necessary tools, including clamping scissors, for performing minor procedures on your cherished koi fish.

Koi topical treatment tools.

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